We have kittens! Click here to see more info.

If you are interested in a Devon Rex from us, you might also want to visit our plans page, see available adults or look at our earlier litters.

Available young cats / adults

We have no available young or adult cats at the moment.

Earlier litters

The Fox Litter (born 04.11.2021)

The Mythical Jirachi (born 12.10.2020)

The Alola starter Litter (born 04.04.2019)

The Mythical Diancie (born 06.01.2019)

The Mythical Meloetta (born 01.10.2017)

The Sun and  Moon Litter (born 24.04.2017)

The X and Y Litter (born 07.10.2013) 

The Black and White Litter (born 24.03.2013)  

The Platinum Litter (born 09.05.2010)


You can find info about our plans for later litters on the plans page.

Kittens from our cattery…

Kittens from us will be at least 12 (usually 14) weeks before they leave our home. When they leave, they are vaccinated, chipped, have been treated for worms and have a health certificate from a veterinarian. Along comes a favorite toy, dry food for the first week in their new home, some pictures from their youngest days and of course a pedigree from NRR as well. If you buy a kitten from us, we would like you to come and pick up the kitten yourself.

We hope our kittens don’t have to spend too much time alone and that they will get to become a true part of the family. The best thing would be if the kitten got to live with another cat. Quality food and visits to the veterinarian when it’s necessary is also important.

NO*Glameow’s Devon Rex